How to Get More Views on Instagram Live?

Want to know How to Get More Views on Instagram Live? 

Instagram is a hit platform for marketing your business online. There’s no doubt about it. But, keeping up with it can be a daunting task. 

Even brands and influencers with the greatest number of followers find it hard enough. The key to maintaining a strong presence on Instagram is to stay aware of the popular trends that are gaining steam. 

While talking about Instagram, we can’t skip one of the most amazing features of the platform- the Instagram Live Video available on Instagram Stories.

Whether you trust it or not, but Instagram Live Videos work like magic. They are gaining more and more popularity in recent years which is why brands are also going crazy about trying their hand at the feature.

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So, they apply so many efforts to gain more Instagram views on these live videos.

Instagram Live allows the users to post videos of up to any length in real time. Making these videos is quite simple. 

And, when you begin streaming through Instagram live, Instagram sends a notification to your followers so that they can join in the video and leave their comments. 

Cutting it short, if you want to make good use of the Instagram Live feature but are struggling to get a significant number of views on it, below are the 5 best strategies that can help you with your goal. So, let’s started with this!

5 Tips to Gain More Instagram Views on Live Videos:

Promote your Live Streaming in Advance  

To get more Instagram story views on your Live video, you need to inform your followers about the date and time of your live streaming in advance. 

For this, you can create a post about the topic that you are going to talk about in the live video to create a buzz and persuade your followers to join it.

When your followers see the “live” sign under your profile picture, they will be willing to join in. This way you are going to improve the chances of the real views climbing on your video.

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Engage with your Viewers

Whenever you do live streaming on Instagram, check out the questions that are coming in. You can directly reply to those questions while you are live through a Q/A session.

Alternatively, you can write a post after the end of the video to show your viewers that you pay attention to their queries or requests.  

You can even do this weekly to engage your followers and prompt them to come back again for gaining knowledge. This is how you can build long-term relationships with your audience and people who support your business.

Buy Instagram Live Video Views

Another way to boost your views on your Instagram Live video is by purchasing them from a trusted and credible source. 

Nowadays, several portals are offering to buy views online. You can check them on the Internet to find the right one for you. 

However, be cautious and do not buy views from fake accounts as neither improve your profile’s engagement rate nor the overall growth of your Instagram account. 

The delivery of real views only will get you a quick boost in your Instagram Live video views and the video will reach so many new people within a short time. Here is your best place to buy Instagram views with high-quality and at reasonable prices.  

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Show Behind the Scenes

It’s time to let your customers see the real you and behind the scenes work just like that. 

Businesses could use behind the scenes as an opportunity to show how their products are made, how their employees work, what are their special moments, how they bring out time during working hours to enjoy, and much more.

The aim is to show viewers something unique about your brand and develop a connection with them so that they show interest in you and start trusting you. 

This can probably get you more Instagram views from active accounts as users love to see photos and videos where they feel a connection.  

Schedule your posts

Posting at the right time is likely to get more targeted Instagram followers for your account. For this, you can schedule your posts on Instagram and they will directly be uploaded on your selected date and time or you can get it from here

This will help you to maintain consistency which is crucial to appeal to your Instagram audience and let them know that you are active on the platform.

You can use a well-reviewed app to schedule your posts in advance and then stay at ease with posts going live no matter if you are there or not.

Bottom Line

Instagram Live Videos put your content in the story feeds of the users. The tips mentioned above will help you to boost your efforts towards this direction and gain more real Instagram views in return.

The challenge is to keep your audience engaged and for this, you can experiment as much as you can to find out the right thing that works out the best for you.

Remember that Instagram Live videos show only for 24 hours so they have a sense of urgency, so keep going and master your Instagram Live story game.